Now is a Great Time to Lease a New Honda CR-V from Hoffman Honda!

Looking for a New Honda CR-V Without the Long-Term Commitment? A Honda Lease Could Be Just Right for You!

When making plans for something as big as a new vehicle purchase, it helps to know what your next five or ten years might look like—at least have a plan—but what if you’re not sure what the future holds? What if you’re considering a big move in the coming years, maybe a new job or a new addition to the family? That makes committing to a car purchase slightly more difficult, but it also means that you could be the perfect candidate for a Honda lease!

What Are the Advantages of Leasing Over Buying?

  • Monthly Payments: When you buy a vehicle, your payments reflect the full price of the vehicle, but when you lease, your payments reflect the cost of depreciation (how much value the vehicle will lose while you possess it). This means you’ll likely have a lower monthly payment when you lease vs. buy the same new vehicle.
  • Shorter Terms Mean More Variety: Most lease terms run between three to five years, so if you’re not ready to commit to one vehicle, get in on a great Honda CR-V lease now, then you can change vehicles at the end of your terms, when your life changes, too!
  • Enjoy Honda CR-V Lease Specials: The Honda CR-V is outstanding, and here at Hoffman Honda, we’re proud to offer Hartford area drivers these special leasing offers. Of course, we offer great lease deals across the Honda lineup, not just on the Honda CR-V, so browse around and find the Honda vehicle that’s right for you, for right now!


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