What Makes the 2018 Honda Fit Such a Good…Well, Fit for the Hartford Area?

Exploring the 2018 Honda Fit's 2nd Row Magic Seat™

You might be able to tell from its name, but the 2018 Honda Fit can handle a lot of cargo for a small 5-door hatchback, and that's thanks in part to great design and the 2018 Honda Fit's handy 2nd row Magic Seat™. Not sure what that is? Get to know this cool feature and see how the 2018 Honda Fit could fit pretty well into your life!

What is the 2nd Row Magic Seat™?

It's a flexible, adjustable seating system that lets you flex your seating arrangement to maximize cargo room. There are four seating modes in 2018 Honda Fit thanks to the standard 2nd Row Magic Seat™: Tall Mode, Long Mode, Utility Mode, and Refresh Mode.

Tall Mode:

If you're traveling with something oddly shaped, perhaps tall but not very wide or bulky, tall mode is what you want. This allows you to raise or lower the base of the second-row seats, giving you more vertical room without adjusting your cargo area.

Long Mode:

Ideal for kayaks, skis, or snowboards, Long Mode is just what it sounds like; simply lay the second-row seat backs down flat, remove the front passenger seat's headrest, recline it all the way back, and load in your long items.

Utility Mode:

For when your cargo needs exceed Long or Tall Modes, Utility Mode combines different aspects to give you max cargo room. Lower the second-row headrests and fold the rear seat backs down.

Refresh Mode:

This one is extra cool: with Refresh Mode, you can turn your 2018 Honda Fit into a small reprieve or space to lounge in. Maybe you've just finished hiking and you need a short nap before driving, maybe you're waiting on someone who's late and you don't want to pay for coffee just to sit someone, whatever the reason, Refresh Mode is very cool, and useful, too. Slide the front seats all the way forward, lowering the seatbacks entirely, then lower the seat bases of the second-row, and voilà a comfortable sanctuary to stretch out and relax in.

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