We Want to Give You the Hoffman Advantage!

If you're a West Simsbury driver who stays on top of their regular maintenance, we want to say Congratulations, first of all—not everyone manages to stick to the Factory Recommended Maintenance Schedule, but if you have, you're doing a great job. So great, in fact, that we'd like to do more than simply congratulate you, we'd like to offer you membership into the Hoffman Advantage program.

How Does the Hoffman Advantage Program Work?

When you buy your new Honda vehicle, you can enroll in the Hoffman Advantage program. It offers points for keeping up with the factory recommended maintenance schedule, so the more you visit us here in West Simsbury, the more points you'll earn. As you accrue points, you move up the Reward Tiers and your discount grows! It's just one of the ways we reward you for staying up to date on your maintenance needs!

Three Tiers of Hoffman Advantage Rewards:

There are three levels of membership to the Hoffman Advantage Program:

  • VIP Status: When you enroll in the program, you become a VIP Status member, which gives you 5% off Service Repairs and $100 off your next service contract, right off the bat!
  • Gold Status: When you accrue 15,000 points, you reach Gold Status, which means your discounts get even better; 7% off Service Repairs, $200 off your next service contract, and $250 in additional trade-in allowance!
  • Platinum Status: The top tier is the Platinum Status and it's reached when you accrue 30,000 points. This gives you a 10% discount on Service Repairs, $300 off your next service contract, and $500 toward your trade-in allowance.


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