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We Get Asked a Lot of Questions About Service—Here’s One We Wanted to Share:

If you ever find yourself wondering when your Honda Pilot or Honda CR-V is due for service, that one is easy enough to answer: check your Honda owner’s manual, or if you’ve had your vehicle serviced with us before, give us a call to find out when your last appointment was!

Our professional Service Center fields a lot of questions, so we plucked out two and we’re sharing them with folks here in the Hartford area.



One Common Service Question, Answered:

Q—Why Is My Car Vibrating?
A—There are a number of potential causes that might make your vehicle vibrate, but one thing is for sure: if your vehicle is vibrating, you need to get it seen by a professional. If you’re hearing strange noises and feeling excess road vibrating, don’t just ignore it! It could have to do with a number of parts, like your tires, wheels, brakes, or engine:

  • Tires: If you feel your whole vehicle shaking, your tires may be the culprit. Your tires may be unbalanced or bear uneven wear and tear, which can cause vibrations throughout the body when you hit high speeds. If this sounds like you, make an appointment to have our techs rebalance your tires and check out the tread wear!
  • Wheels: In the same vein, if it’s not the tires, it may be the wheels. Your wheels may be wobbly, which can be dangerous because this means your wheel may not be properly secured. It may also indicate a bent when, which might require a replacement. You’ll definitely want to book an appointment with us!
  • Brakes: If you only feel vibrations when you’re braking, the issue is very likely with your brakes (surprise surprise!). Your rotors might be showing signs of warping, and if this is the case, your brake pads don’t make as much contact and can’t stop your vehicle as efficiently. We don’t have to tell your that brakes are important, but you should certainly make an appointment with us if you have brake vibration.
  • Engine: While not the most common suspect, vehicle vibrations could be coming from your engine. You’ll usually feel these if you’re in the process of accelerating or just idling; these kinds of vibrations can indicate a number of serious issues, like spark plug problems, a clogged air or fuel filter, or other issues. It’s best to let a trained professional have a look at your engine, so if this seems like your issue, give us a call!


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