Keeping The Noise To A Minimum

When you're driving in West Simsbury, your attention needs to be on the road in front of you. Put your phone somewhere that won't be distracting and where you're unable to reach it while you're driving. You can also turn your phone to silent until you have parked your car.

Avoid doing tasks in the car that you can do at home or at another location. Activities can include eating or brushing your hair. These are all distractions that can take your eyes from the road for a second.

Try not to be a distraction to the driver if you're the passenger in the car. Unless it's an emergency, try not to use your phone. Give children something to do so that they won't be a distraction in the vehicle. Sometimes, Hoffman Honda can assist with various functions that can be added to your vehicle that can monitor what takes place while you're driving and that will alert you if an accident is about to occur.



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