Understanding Your Blind-Spot Monitor

Get the most out of your vehicle by understanding how to use its various systems. New technologies are being implemented all the time, saving drivers from fatigue and repetition. Safety features like blind spot monitoring can also help to avoid accidents.

Cameras installed in cars can serve the driver both in forward mode as well as in reverse. Monitoring the rear of the car for cross traffic helps the driver to avoid obstacles that are difficult to see. When driving in freeway conditions, the cameras pair with proximity radar detectors to monitor drivers to the sides, rear and front.

Using this new technology will help to save lives, as the audio and visual cues warn drivers in time to avoid a collision. If you'd like to test drive a vehicle with blind spot monitors, stop by Hoffman Honda in West Simsbury. We're happy to arrange for you to take a vehicle on the road and can answer any questions you may have.



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