Choose Winter Wiper Blades For A Stress-Free Commute

Safety is our main concern at Hoffman Honda. We want drivers to be informed, so they can make the right choice when it comes to winter maintenance. You probably buy all-weather tires before the first flakes of snow hit the pavement in West Simsbury, but do you change your wiper blades?

The days are shorter in the winter, meaning most drivers are commuting in the dark. When you throw sleet, snow and road salt into the mix, it forces your windshield wipers to work overtime. If your wipers are leaving smears on your windshield, it's time to replace them.

Traditional wiper blades work in the warmer months, but you need something heavy-duty to handle your winter commute. Beam blades have no pivots, framework or joints. Without framework or moving parts, beam blades won't end up frozen to your windshield. Even the squeegee on beam blades is superior. They are designed to prevent that annoying dragging noise traditional wipers are known for.



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