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Here's How Hoffman Honda Handles Service the Right Way….

Hoffman Honda Makes It Easy to Get the Service & Maintenance You Need

While we all know we shouldn't, many of us here in West Simsbury, CT put much-needed service and maintenance on the back-burner. Well, it's time to wipe away the shame and the excuses, because the team here at Hoffman Honda is making it easier than ever to get the Honda service and maintenance your vehicle needs. How are we doing that? So glad you asked!

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We Want to Give You the Hoffman Advantage!

If you're a West Simsbury driver who stays on top of their regular maintenance, we want to say Congratulations, first of all—not everyone manages to stick to the Factory Recommended Maintenance Schedule, but if you have, you're doing a great job. So great, in fact, that we'd like to do more than simply congratulate you, we'd like to offer you membership into the Hoffman Advantage program.

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Service FAQs | Let Our Professional Techs Answer Your Services Questions

We Get Asked a Lot of Questions About Service—Here’s One We Wanted to Share:

If you ever find yourself wondering when your Honda Pilot or Honda CR-V is due for service, that one is easy enough to answer: check your Honda owner’s manual, or if you’ve had your vehicle serviced with us before, give us a call to find out when your last appointment was!




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Hoffman Honda Maintenance Tips: Brake Pads

Brake Pads: Warning Signs, What to Change, When to Change—Let Us Answer Your Questions!

We all know your brakes are important, but it's not until something that goes wrong that most of us think about brake maintenance too carefully. Don't let it get that far, read up on these brake maintenance 101 tips here and learn to recognize early warning signs and when you might need to replace. Keeping you safely on the road is what we love to do here, so if you think your brakes could use a little TLC, schedule a service appointment with…

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Hoffman Honda Maintenance Tips: Tires

Tire Treads, Rotations, & Replacements—What, Why, & When

Your tires are important—we don’t have to tell you that—but do you know what your tire treads are, how to check them, and what to do if you notice uneven or excessive wear and tear? We’ll be doing a quick rundown for you right here, so let’s dive in.

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Know When to Get Honda Brake Service in West Simsbury

When brake trouble strikes, you've got to be able to recognize it. Knowing when to have your brakes serviced keeps your Honda functioning properly, and keeps you safe as you drive the West Simsbury roads. Look out for some of these signs that your brakes are about to break!

  • Keep an eye on your brake pads. When they get to be less than a quarter inch thick, it's time to replace them.
  • If you hear and feel grinding when you apply the brakes, there's a good chance your pads are completely worn down, and your rotors and…
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Get the Jump on Father Winter, Come in Before the Holidays to Winterize Your Honda

We all know the virtues of regular service and maintenance for your Honda car, truck, or SUV, so we won’t waste time going over that now. Did you know, though, that sometimes routine maintenance isn’t quite enough? When you’ve got winters like ours here in the Hartford, CT area, it makes sense to winterize your car. You can help prevent some of the damage that comes specifically from winter driving, while keeping yourself a bit safer out there on the roads, too.

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Service With People Who Care

There are many benefits to having your new Honda model serviced at an official Honda model dealership, but most important is that Honda certified and trained technicians should always be the first people you call. Here are important reasons to have your vehicle seen by our team of Honda service professionals.

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