Honda Battery Service

We hear a lot about the importance of oil changes and tire rotations, but what about the oft-overlooked car battery? Well, your car battery needs some TLC, too; in fact, it's one of the pieces of equipment your car can't do without, so keeping up with the small stuff like regular battery checkups will help protect you down the road.

What Does My Car Battery Do?

In non-hybrid cars, SUVs, and trucks, the car battery provides the electrical charge that starts all the electrical components in your vehicle, including the alternator. Having your battery in good health is paramount to the health and safety of your Honda vehicle.

Battery-Specific Services at Hoffman Honda

Since keeping your battery healthy is crucial to the proper operation of your vehicle, Hoffman Honda offers the Battery Inspection services to ensure a well-maintained battery:

  1. Inspect the Battery
  2. Measure the 'State of Charge'
  3. Perform a 'Loan Test'
  4. Perform a 'Bounce Back Test'
  5. Recharge the Battery

What Are Some Signs of a Weak Battery? When Should It Be Replaced?

There are a few ways to find out if your battery is weakening, but the one way to know for sure is to perform a battery checkup; that's what our Honda-trained technicians and state-of-the-art facility are here for. Short of performing your own checkup, however, you can look out for these telltale signs that your car battery needs some attention:

  • Check Engine Light: This one can indicate a lot of other issues, but one such cause could be a weak battery.
  • Your Engine Turns Slowly: If your engine is sluggish and slow to start, that could mean your engine is on its way out. You can usually hear the engine struggling to turn over in this case.
  • Rotten-Egg Smell: Aside from just being gross, a rotten-egg smell coming from your battery area could indicate a battery leak. The smell comes from the sulfur, but the leak can cause further damage such as corrosion when the positive and negative cables connect. It's best to have this checked out ASAP.

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