The life of your tires is dependent on many factors, including driving habits, road conditions, vehicle loading, inflation pressure, maintenance history, speed, and environmental conditions (even when the tires are not in use).

*Information gathered from the 2017 Honda Civic Sedan Owner's Manual
Properly inflated tires provide the best combination of handling, tread life, and comfort.
• Under inflated tires wear unevenly. 
• Over inflated tires make your vehicle ride harshly, are more prone to road hazards, and wear unevenly.
The label attached to the driver's doorjamb provides necessary tire and loading information. The tires that came on your vehicle have a number of markings.

P205/55 R16 89H 
P: Vehicle type (P indicates passenger vehicle). 
205: Tire width in millimeters. 
55: Aspect ratio (the tire's section height as a percentage of its width). 
R: Tire construction code (R indicates radial). 
16: Rim diameter in inches. 
89: Load index (a numerical code associated with the maximum load the tire can carry). 
H: Speed symbol (an alphabetical code indicating the maximum speed rating).
Look for
• Bumps or bulges on the side or in the tread. 
• Replace the tire if you find any cuts, splits, or cracks in the side of the tire.
The groove where the wear indicator is located is 1/16 inch (1.6 mm) shallower than elsewhere on the tire. If the tread has worn so that the indicator is exposed, replace the tire.

*It is best to replace all four tires at the same time. If that isn't possible, replace the front or rear tires in pairs.

Tires with directional tread patterns should only be rotated front to back (not from one side to the other). Directional tires should be mounted with the rotation indication mark facing forward.

•Select the size and load ranges that are the same as the original tires. 
• Mount the tires to all four wheels.
*Use tire chains, snow tires, or all season tires when necessary or according to the law.

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