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Get the Hoffman Advantage With Your Regular Service & Maintenance

Your Honda car, crossover, SUV, or truck is always going to need the regular service and maintenance that keeps it running like-new for all its many years. But if you're a Hartford area driver and you'd like to get rewarded for keeping up with that maintenance, joining the Hoffman Advantage program is a fine way to do it.

Hoffman Advantage Hartford

What Is the Hoffman Advantage & How Do I Get It?

The Hoffman Advantage program goes hand-in-hand with the Factory Recommended Maintenance Program-it rewards Avon drivers for keeping up with that maintenance schedule, giving you discounts on service repairs, service contracts, and even extra trade-in allowance should you ever want to trade-in and trade-up with a new Honda vehicle. Getting the Hoffman Advantage is pretty easy: simply sign up and then get to collecting points as you hit those Maintenance-Mile-Markers. The more you come out from Farmington to see us at Hoffman Honda in West Simsbury, CT, the more points you earn, and the bigger your discount becomes.

What are the Hoffman Advantage Program Rewards?

The reward system is set up in three tiers, with the first tier being VIP Status once you enroll.

  • With VIP Status, you'll get 5% off Service Repairs and $100 off your next service contract, just for being a member of the program!
  • As you start to accrue points from oil changes, tire rotations, and other small maintenance items, you'll eventually move up to Gold Status when you reach 15,000 points. Gold Status entitles you to 7% off Service Repairs, $200 off your next service contract, and you'll earn an additional $250 toward your trade-in allowance.
  • The next tier is the top shelf, reached when you hit 30,000 points: Platinum Status; Platinum Status members receive the biggest discounts: 10% off Service Repairs, $300 off your next service contract, and an additional $500 toward your trade-in allowance.

Sign up for Hoffman Advantage today, and reward yourself for taking care of your Honda!

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